I am a bitcoiner.

I am a sovereign individual in the digital age.

I aim to be a productive agent, free of state coercion.

I try to help precoiners resist the Great Plague of Shitcoinery. I'm probably not toxic enough. I hate to break it for you bitcoin's fate is probably to be black market money until world governments gradually shrink, then suddenly collapse. Until then, hold your own keys, avoid KYC, coinjoin and, of course, stay humble and stack sats. Don't buy paper bitcoin. Don't trade. Don't leverage. Don't shitcoin.

I contribute to making bitcoin fungible with Wasabi, a bitcoin privacy wallet with built-in coinjoins.

I work with Knox on bitcoin custody infrastructure for large organizations.

I write about bitcoin on this blog and Bitcoin Magazine. Aussi en Français sur le Journal du Coin.

I help a few select private clients with digital hygiene, personal data management, privacy, security and bitcoin, of course.

Please reach out

You can find me on Twitter, Linkedin, Keybase and also send me an email. My PGP key fingerpint is 0D0E14573A6E8559ACF487DBEDB568A943095CC9.

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